Novel, essay, screenplay, post, poem, newspaper article, opinion, art criticism, song,…  What is the most important text of the year? 
Every spring, the Hodler Prize has the mad ambition of answering this impossible question. A single prize, a single award, a single winner for all disciplines of the written word.
By abolishing the traditional hierarchy of literary prizes, the Hodler Prize aims to highlight each author’s search for truth, whether available in bookshops, on screen or on stage. Whether his texts are read, seen or heard. Whether their field of expertise is literature, technology, film or economics. 
In this competition of truths, the only thing that matters is the accuracy of words and ideas. A book, a series or a blog can change our vision of the world with equal acuity. The Hodler Prize relies on this diversity of intelligences to help readers understand contemporary issues. 
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